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IntelligenceSolo Carry, DPSMageAscendedAnyEye/Blade/Call/GraceNo

Hero Details

Shemira is one of the strongest damage dealers in the game. Her Tortured Souls ability can absolutely demolish enemy teams as not only does it do insane damage, but it also hits every single enemy on the battlefield at the same time.

Survivability can be a problem early on, but at later levels she can last for much longer due to the healing from Tortured Souls and her passive life-leach.

As for utility, her silence can shutdown enemy mages. It’s extremely useful against heroes such as Arden, who can CC her and delay the casting of Tortured Souls.

While she is extremely strong late game, she isn’t as crazy at lower levels as she can die before a cast of Tortured Souls goes off. She starts to excel around level 81 and scales extremely well with increased levels and gear.

Shemira is a very strong pick for guild bosses. Her damage is insane and she can survive quite well with her self-healing.


  • The damage of her ultimate skill “Tortured Souls” is extremely strong and will hit all enemies on the battlefield.
  • Her lifeleech can provide a huge amount of healing.
  • Great for guild bosses.
  • She can silence mages, preventing them from CCing or healing.


  • She requires time to ramp up to be fully effective and relies heavily on casting her ultimate skill “Tortured Souls”, if she dies before it goes off she will contribute very little to the battle.
  • The targets for Silence are random.
  • Vulnerable to burst heroes such as Silvina.

Team Synergy

Shemira works well in any team. She excels with heroes that can CC or provide her with energy such as Lyca because getting her ultimate off quickly during the battle is very important.

Hero Skills

SkillDescriptionLevel Upgrades

Tortured Souls

Souls of the dead spiral around Shemira causing continuous damage to nearby enemies over a duration of 12 seconds. 50% of all damage caused by this ability will be converted into health that heals Shemira.Level 81: Damage is increased by up to 80%. 100% of ability's damage is converted into health
Level 161: Damage is increased by up to 90%. Restores 25% health when dealing damage and gradually restore health after the ability has finished.

Soul Siphon

Shemira continuously leeches an enemy's life to restore her own which deals 45% damage every 0.5 seconds.Level 11: Damage is increased by up to 50%.
Level 101: Damage is increased by up to 55% and gradually increases over time.
Level 181: Damage is increased by up to 60%.


Shemira deals 100% damage to a magic based enemy and simultaneously prevents them from casting any abilities for several seconds.Level 121: Damage is increased by up to 130%. The time the enemy is prevented from attacking is extended (time extension based on Shemira's HP).
Level 201: Damage is increased by up to 150%.


Shemira deals more damage the more health she possesses. Shemira's damage can be increased by up to 30%.Level 141: Crit rating increases up to an additional 30% (based on Shemira's HP).
Level 221: Damage is increased by up to 40%.

Balance Changelog

Patch 1.14.01:
“Soul Siphon” will now immediately stop if the target dies, in order to save time and increase her battle efficiency.

“Tortured Souls” Level 3 – Raised the percentage of health regeneration to 25% when the ability finishes and reduced the immediate health regeneration that is caused when dealing damage by 25%.


A soul forged in sorrow with nothing left to her in the world. This was Shemira in the final months of her life. Her husband had been a renowned healer, but her adoration and respect for him had gone out the window when she heard about the horrific acts of which he’d been accused. Her love soured such that when his execution came, she felt more anger than sadness. Niru had left her alone to care for their son in an uncaring world.

It wasn’t long after Niru’s execution that the fevers took hold on her boy, Silvestre. Had Niru been present, Shemira was sure that he could’ve done something. She did everything she could, calling on all the best remaining physicians of Esperia and keeping vigil with silent prayers at the child’s bedside. Her efforts, however, were not enough. After his burial, she felt as if she had nothing left to live for. There was no longer any reason to go about her days as she had before. She began spending almost every waking hour next to the grave of her son, sometimes filling the cemetery with a haunting wail, sometimes staring trancelike at the headstone for hours on end. She stopped taking food more often than not, and her face became hollow, her expression blank.

One day as she sat beside the grave, watching the last weak rays of sunlight kiss her son’s name carved in the stone, she heard her name. She couldn’t locate the source of the voice, but it seemed to be right next to her. She froze, recognizing the voice as that of her late husband. There was so much to say, so much to ask. Where could she begin? Exhaling slowly, she chose the one question that really mattered. “Why are you here?” She grimaced and tears flooded down her cheeks when she heard the answer. How could Silvestre possibly be saved at this point? A glimmer of hope had been placed in front of her from nowhere. The thought that it might wink out terrified her more than anything. She didn’t want to listen, but it was impossible. If there was somehow some chance, she would have to be strong enough to take it. “Prove it” she forced out from between gritted teeth.

The ground in front of her began to swell. She could feel tiny vibrations from the ground, as if something was disturbing the soil underneath the surface. First came a hand, rising through the dirt, then the pallid face and more until finally her son, or some form of him, stood before her. She struggled not to scream or pass out. A mix of awe, horror, and relief was pulling at each corner of her mind, threatening to tear it apart. She still knew what this meant for her, however. Direction. Purpose. She would never let any ill befall the boy again. She relayed this to Niru, who explained that the only way to be truly reunited was to cross through the veil of death and rejoin them on the other side.

She didn’t hesitate. She gave Niru a simple, short command and felt a sharp coldness spread through her chest and into her limbs. She drifted into what felt like a heavy sleep, content in the reassuring presence of the ones she needed most. When she awakened, she had found a kind of happiness she never thought she’d feel again.

“Don’t pretend to care about something you’re not willing to die for.”

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Ok so I’m confused. On her hero page in the details section “i” says Life leech – 0
Does that mean life leech relics are useless for her?
Also her accuracy is 0 whats up with that??

p.s.not a new player


If the Leech value is = 0 it means that all relic with Life leech % will have no effect on her. You need at least 1 point on life leech. You need khasos (for the life leech passive) or “The Carnal Desire” a relic that allows you to Raise all teammates Life Leech by 3/5/8 points for every Mauler hero that is on the battlefield.


whats stronger, using shem instead of tasi or staying with tasi and still have the 3 – 2 faction bonus i would lose with shem?


I would love to see some strategy tips for gear like Saveas:

“Give him the best gear you’ve got (especially boots) and enhance it.”

What gear should we first focus on for Shemira (And maybe all “main” heroes)?


I dont understand shemira’s ult so after 161 the health generation has reduced to 25 from 100 but regenerates gradually?

The Grim Reaper
The Grim Reaper

No her HP regeneration is still 100% of the damage she dealt , but additionaly now she gets 25% heal of the damage WHILE she does her ultimate (not only after ultimate ended) .


Why is Dura’s Eye the recommended artifact for her instead of Dura’s Call/Blade (backline) or Dura’s Drape (front)?


Her vulnerability to Silvina is true to almost every mage during early game.
Late game, at level 180 and above, Silvina (and the rest of the Legendary heroes) become irrelevant.

Anyway, Tortured Souls Level 161 skill description has a typo, “agility” should be “ability”.


In some case, Silence skill didn’t work(Ex: Vedan got silence and still can transform to Bats, Saveas also can attack while in Burning Acrimony)

Nerf Brutus pls
Nerf Brutus pls

Also doesn’t seem to work on Thane (may need to re-check)