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Level Calculator

About This Tool

This is a level calculator / planner tool for heroes in AFK Arena. It can support up to 5 different heroes at a time.

The resources required for each level is 100% accurate compared to the in-game data (this was painful to acquire).

The level cap for this calculator is currently 361. However, the max cap is 375. No player has reached these levels yet though.

Hero’s Essence

There is no in-game data for how much essence is earned via AFK Rewards. Therefore the “(Approx) Essence/Hour” part has to be estimated by you depending on how much essence you can acquire per day/hour.

If for example you buy 500 essence from the store every day, it would be 500 divided by 24 = 20.8 essence per hour. Basically divide whatever your total essence per day is by 24.

Note: You don’t HAVE to enter this data, it’s only used for the estimated time to level part of the calculator.

Potential Level

If you want to see the potential level of a hero, enter your current resources and press “Distribute current resources among these heroes” under a hero. This will then show the maximum level achievable with those resources.

Level 240+

Leveling past 240 requires you to directly level up the Resonating Crystal, rather than individual heroes.

Each level is split into 10 different parts that requires Gold & EXP. The 10th and final part will always require Hero’s Essence as well.